― Illuminating Health: Daylight

Why is Daylight important?

The white paper focuses on the impact of visual and non-visual Daylight on health, circadian regulation, alertness, mood, behavior, and academic performance.  This series of valuable guides provide you with the knowledge and tools to help make healthier decisions every day.

“… student performance is tied up with school design and equitable access to learning tools and spaces enable students to share best practices.”

Tanner, C.K. (2009)

― Illuminating Health: Daylight

Helpful Daylight Guide to Understand Its Impact on Students’ Health and Performance


Six key considerations when thinking about daylight.
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Daylight impacts children's health and academic performance.
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An inclusive environments creates better student outcomes.
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A framework for design strategies.
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Daylight exposure is about intensity over time.
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Case Studies

Design solutions that help in the real world.
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