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This website was created by our interdisciplinary team of public health scientists, architects, interior designers, urban planners, and K-12 experts with the goal of providing a compendium of strategies and resources that support safer, healthier, and more responsive learning ecosystems. 


Join us as we work to achieve holistically resilient schools.

― Our Intent

We believe that putting health at the center of design creates an optimized ecosystem for academic potential. This is not a moment—it’s a movement.

― A Holistic Approach

Safety, health, and learning are the only priorities.

We believe a holistic strategy is required to optimize student and community well-being. Therefore, we provide guidance that supports risk mitigation, educational adaptation, and health promotion.

― An Emphasis on Equity

The pandemic underscored the need for an equity-focused educational agenda. These four concerns address inequity in schools:

Environmental Injustice and Siting

Create a universally safe and healthy environment for all students to learn in.

Stability and Food Security

Provide resources for basic human services so children have a foundation to grow from.

Preexisting Conditions

Account for people with respiratory conditions, obesity, and other ailments that may increase risk.

Universal Design

Modify wayfinding guidance and program for all students to move with ease.

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The guidance provided on this site is based on the available information as of the date of publication and does not replace federal, state, or local public health recommendations but aggregates best practices and innovative solutions at the intersection of buildings and school health. We encourage schools to reach out and seek expert advice on their unique circumstances.